Free Printed Sample1. FREE Printed Sample
(for school display)

Free Order Forms2. FREE Order Forms
Order forms for entire student body and staff. (Arrive already counted out for each teachers mailbox).

FREE Order Forms3. FREE Large Color Poster
To Announce Sale!

FREE Poster For Classroom4. FREE Poster For Each Classroom

Free Order Forms5. FREE Shipping

Free Order Forms6. Each Student Order is Individually Packaged and Labeled at NO EXTRA CHARGE.
Items are separated by Classroom and Grade. (Delivered to school, ready for distribution).


  • Reminder announcements for entire student body and staff.
  • FREE Online Spiritwear Stores ( available upon request )
  • Tabulation of order. (so you don't have to).
  • Custom Artwork at NO CHARGE to you!
  • No set-up charges or screen charges!
  • No minimum order.
  • Hassle free ease of doing business
  • Peace of mind

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 FREE    Printed Samples!

 FREE    Student Brochures!

 FREE    Poster For Classrooms!

 FREE    Shipping!

 FREE    Packaging!

Each student order is individually packaged.
Then organized by Grade & Classroom.