Spiritwear Stores

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Custom Sportswear is now offering Online Spiritwear Stores in addition to our traditional order
form program. Online stores offer your school the option to purchase online or on the order
forms we provide you.

Here is how it works.............

•  Choose a design

•  Choose the items you want to make available

•  Decide how much you want to sell the items for. (Some schools sell them at cost;
               others add a mark-up to earn guaranteed profits on every product sold.
               The choice is yours!)
         •  Select your sale dates
Once the details for your sale have been finalized your dedicated Spiritwear Specialist will
create custom order forms for the entire school as well as build and manage your online
store. You will also receive large color posters to hang up around the school as well as a Free
Sample tee shirt (your actual school spirit shirt) so you can show it off to the students and
staff. Best of all, when your sale ends we will tabulate your order for you, print everything up,
individually fold & bag each order and organize them by grade, classroom & student. Your
Spiritwear order arrives at the school organized and ready for distribution!
Unlike with other Spiritwear Vendors, you are never on your own when working with Custom
Sportswear.  We have a team of friendly, knowledgeable and experienced Spiritwear Specialists
to help you every step of the way.  Your dedicated Specialist will work with you from Start to
Finish to ensure that your program is Easy, Organized and Successful! Call or contact us today
if you have any questions or to get started!


Accredited by the better business bureau

 FREE    Printed Samples!

 FREE    Student Brochures!

 FREE    Poster For Classrooms!

 FREE    Shipping!

 FREE    Packaging!

Each student order is individually packaged.
Then organized by Grade & Classroom.